365 Days of Me


406 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1975749613
ISBN-10: 1975749618
BISAC: Self-Help / Journaling

365 Days of Me is a journal filled with 365 quotes written by Nadine G. The quotes are meant to be conversation starters between you and your true self. Self-talk is powerful. She encourages healthy daily conversation with self as a conduit of healing and joy. The owner is encouraged to use this journal to write your truth.

Nadine G. reminds us that we are marvelously created in the image of God. God is love, and therefore, so are we. This truth is the first step to healing. “Love is the moment a baby exits the womb and sees its parents – parents proud before a word is even spoken, before an action is taken. You, the baby, are loved just because you are. Be reborn today and know you are loved just because you are.”

“Let’s Converse!”

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