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Excellence Manifested is a curated experience designed to move participants to manifest their excellence and embrace purposeful leadership in every aspect of their lives. It builds off of the principles learned in Purposed for Excellence. Participants will delve into art of manifestation, the true characteristics of leadership, engage in hands-on leadership building activities, and leave understanding the connection between purpose, manifestation, leadership, and excellence. Excellence Manifested is hosted in the Caribbean.



The retreat is designed to immerse you in a physical space of excellence, while providing you experiences to spark your thinking. The mind is a powerful tool for you to create the world you see. It is said that “luxury is a state of mind.” Now that we know that we are all purposed for excellence, it is time to manifest it.

Excellence is the heart’s work because it involves recognizing your giftedness, nurturing it, and then caring enough to share it with the world. Your calling is solely for you and the world needs you manifest it. To do purpose work, one must always make time to recharge. So, in addition to the curated activities, there will be multiple spaces that participants can access to take a personal break such as the swimming pool and courtyards. When we feel good, the energy that we create in the world is good.

The hands involves cultivating your power as a servant leader who pours into the community so that the entire village can grow. There are multiple opportunities to experience leadership and comunity built into the schedule. Leadership and community is also about connection and authenicity. There will also be spaces for you to bond including the daily social hour, poolside reception, All White Luncheon, the Shine Bright Cocktail Hour and Banquet, and community excursions. Ultimately, our actions speak, and we get to shine bright.

transformative workshops

The 7 M's of Manifestation

The Art of Manifestation

Manifesting Light

Manifesting Servant Leadership

Manifesting Collective Power

Manifeesting Gratitude

Manifesting Powerful Bonds

Manifesting Excellence



We rented out the entire mansion just for you. Each room uniquely crafted to provide the comfort of home with a flare of elegance. You are encouraged to make this your home away from home for 5 days. Allow yourself to relax and unwind, be pampered, and embrace the mindset of luxury.

Each meal is cooked with love by a personal chef. The chef skillfully crafts dishes that look great and taste even better. You can taste the love in each bite. From the delicious tropical breakfast sourced with fresh ingredients to dinner true to the culture, you will not be disappointed.

Get lost in the space. Take a walk around the grounds, stroll through th gardens or relax on the gazebo. Take a dip in the pool. Go for a morning run. Play a round of tennis or basketball. Breathe in fresh air and serenity.