This is a curated 4 day, 3 night experience crafted to build communities of color by creating a safe space to have necessary and meaningful conversations. Participants will explore purpose, identify blockages, create strategies, and leave with a renewed energy to go forth in excellence! Each moment of the retreat is meant to empower the excellence already within and unite the participants on this common journey of living in purpose. Purposed for Excellence is hosted in U.S. cities.

Prices start at $2000

Tier II


This is a curated 5 day, 4 night curated experience designed to move participants to manifest their excellence and embrace purposeful leadership in every aspect of their lives. It builds off of the principles learned in Purposed for Excellence. Participants will delve into art of manifestation, the true characteristics of leadership, engage in hands-on leadership building activities, and leave understanding the connection between purpose, manifestation, leadership, and excellence. Excellence Manifested is hosted in the Caribbean.

Prices start at $2750

Tier III


This is a 8 days, 7 nights curated service experience. Particants will learn about a culture from the eyes of it’s people, present a “purpose” workshop, and engage in activities regarding purpose and collective empowerment. Participants will explore the art of recieving and giving, see the power of community, create moments of healing, and leave with a sense of commitment to their purpose. Purpose in Action is hosted in Africa. Participants must apply for this experience.

Prices start at $3200