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I have an amazing FREE MASTERCLASS for you about Moods and Foods. I helped wrap up this amazing series hosted by Jasmine Jones. Below, you can watch my episode for FREE! If you want to check out the other amazing episodes, click here for details on how to register! 

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Welcome to Day 12 of
The Good Mood Foods Masterclass Series!
Our first speaker for the day is Nadine G.

Nadine, the great conversationalist that she is, talked to us about our associations with food, acknowledging that mental health is real and how we shouldn’t be afraid to lean in to support. She gave us a clinician's perspective on some things we should really be doing to take care of ourselves.

MoodFood Gems
  • It’s ok to say you’re not ok
  • Seeking a therapist or coach is part of self-care too
  • Speak your story

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  • Moods and Foods digital journal 
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