If you’re ready to begin a journey that allows you to elevate yourself by learning ways to honor your body through food, new ways to practice self-care and how to prioritize mental health check-ins, my friend Jasmine Wilson handpicked 20+ Nutrition, Mental Wellness and Holistic Healing experts and influencers for this complimentary masterclass series on Elevating your your mood, increasing your health and balancing your life. And you can get access to everything wellness by clicking here.

My Episode airs September 3rd and will be focusing on the power of our words and the importance of how we view the food in our lives. It will be a great conversation and it is FREE!

As a thank you for watching my episode I am giving you three freebies!

1. Moods and Foods Meter and Journal Activity

I invite you to do a 7 day challenge where you will track how foods make you feel. This is an activity meant to help you recognize, understand, label, express, regulate your emotions so you can have a healthy relationship with food. Use the FOOD & MOOD Meter below to help you label which emotion you experience when having a meal. These are just examples, so if you are having a different feeling feel free to note that. Transfer your moods into your journal template and spend sometime writing about why you feel the way you feel. At the end of the week, you will review the data you collected and set a wellness goal particularly around food and moods. 


Mood and Food Meter

Journal Template


Goal Setting Template


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3. COMPLIMENTARY 30 MIN COACH  CONSULTATION:  Recieve a 1 time free coaching consultation to assess if coaching is for you.  Offer is valid until 10/3/2021. Use code FREECONSULT


Hope you enjoyed the conference and go back and watch the replays of all the amazing wellness gems!