Individual Coaching Session (1 hour)


PURPOSE. This is the foundation for your success. Our founder, Nadine G., loves to move people in their purpose and help them to accomplish their goals. Your success is our success as our clients are our chosen family. 

  • Innovative Ideas: We help you map out your ideas, align them with your purpose, and create successful deliverables.
  • Strategic Implementation: We help you to create an action plan, invest in yourself, take healthy risk, and step fully into your purpose.
  • Supportive Growth: We connect you with our tribe so that you are surrounded by purpose filled business owners as you grow.
  • One 1 hour in-person (or virtual) individual coaching session
  • Book more than 5 sessions and be upgraded to Executive Coaching benefits


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Based in Brooklyn, NY

Mon - Fri, 4 pm - 9pm
Saturday, 11am - 9pm
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