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Let’s Converse, LLC offers keynotes, educational seminars and breakouts for conferences and conventions. Messages can be customized to fit any audience including, school groups, women’s groups, corporate groups, and spiritual groups, All speaking engagements are grounded in the following principles:

  • Talk is Valuable. We all have a unique position, perspective, and story that must be shared.
  • Utilizing voice is the first step to healing and making necessary changes to work toward positive solutions
  • Positive communication skills expedite growth towards personal or business vision
  • Conversation builds relationships and community
  • Wellness Matters

Talk is Valuable
The core foundation of Let’s Converse, LLC rests in the fact that Talk is Valuable. The focus of this keynote is the power of our individual and collective voice.

Courage, Commitment, Countenance
Has fear ever struck so deep that you felt paralyzed? Are you in need of a change? Do you need a vision boost? This keynote focuses on having vision and the steps necessary to make that vision a reality.

In addition to the keynote speeches listed above, presentations can be tailored to match your personal or organizational themes and vision. Let’s converse to find the right fit for your organization or event.


Please contact us at info@letsconverse.com to confirm availability and discuss logistics before paying deposit. 

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